Dulcet Podcast 042 “…snails” [Mixed by Billa]

…snails [Dulcet Podcast 042] 

4 Responses to “Dulcet Podcast 042 “…snails” [Mixed by Billa]”
  1. cantoma – maja (dub version)
    almunia – travel (felix dickinson’s passport control mix)
    eddie c’s – i need you (sober summer remix)
    g-fransition – morning sequence
    free magic & jkriv – headbands
    jeremy glenn – new life (perseus future classic edit)
    tornado wallace – don’t hold back
    reset – juicy
    the revenge – just be good (booty mix)
    soft rocks – mirador de las estrellas (ray mang remix)
    josé gonzález – in our nature (todd terje remix)
    soft rocks – talking jungle (justin vandervolgen remix)
    neon electric (rayko remix)
    west india company – ava maria (om ganesha)
    kid frost t.m.s. – rough cut (instrumental)

  2. mhzbird says:

    Great set, thanks! Haven’t heard the Ave Maria track since maybe 1990 (?) 🙂

  3. mhzbird says:

    ha ha, spelt it Ava Maria the first time and google corrected me… That was always a great track. I think I heard it first from my friend Harry Lerahs. He made me a mix tape when I moved to New York, the summer of 89.

    • BiLla says:

      …Thanks for the kind werds above ^^^ about my latest adventure here friend!! Yeah that West India Company has been such a great little jam to have been re-dug out=)

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