Billa’s been a musician from his earliest years attending The Philadelphia School of Performing Arts as a child. He started exploring rhythms as a drummer and keyboardist for a handful of indie bands through the 80’s and 90’s, while continuing on the turntables in 91′.

With almost two decades experience playing and collecting vinyl, from disco to house through dub, experimental electronica and early post punk inspired sounds, he has been lucky enough to play at clubs across the globe.  Highlights include his 2-year residency at Radost FX in Prague, CZ, and appearances at nights and residencies up & down the east coast , the great south & northwest, as well as various adventures throughout California.

He’s shared the stage for a plethora of well known producers and DJ’s from the likes of Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Mark Farina, The Wicked Crew, Doc Martin, Miles Meada, and Mark e Quark, just to name a few. He also created the infamous “The Good The Bad and The Funky” and “The Rhythmic Soul Lounge” parties in New Mexico, which catered to a diverse musical spectrum, demonstrating just how versatile Billa is.

He recently relocated to San Diego where he’s had a few guest appearances with the Moonshake Crew and the Soul On Beat production team.  He also holds a bi-monthly residency for the Burlap & Searsucker establishment where he gets to lay down his beloved Balearic sets.

You can find his sets on soundcloud and mixcloud.

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  1. BiLla says:

    …Thanks for the sweetness above my dear unique friend Heather!

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